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MG Astor to Receive BS6 Phase 2 Upgrades in India: What You Need to Know

MG Astor to Receive BS6 Phase 2 Upgrades in India: What You Need to Know

MG Astor to Receive BS6 Phase 2 Upgrades in India: What You Need to Know

MG Motor India has recently announced that its popular compact SUV, the MG Astor, will soon receive BS6 Phase 2 upgrades. This is a significant move that showcases the brand's commitment to meeting the Indian government's stringent emission norms.

What is BS6 Phase 2?

BS6 Phase 2 is the second stage of the Bharat Stage 6 emission norms that were implemented in India in April 2020. It aims to further reduce the number of harmful pollutants emitted by vehicles and brings stricter regulations on emissions from vehicles running on petrol and diesel.

What are the Upgrades for MG Astor?

With the BS6 Phase 2 upgrades, the MG Astor will be equipped with an updated engine that meets the new emission norms. The SUV will also feature a few cosmetic and functional changes to enhance the driving experience for customers.

Some of the changes that are expected to be seen in the MG Astor include a new grille design, refreshed headlamps and taillights, and an updated infotainment system. The company has also hinted at some advanced safety features that will be included in the upgraded version of the SUV.

When Will the Upgraded MG Astor be Launched?

While MG Motor India has not yet announced a specific launch date for the upgraded Astor, it is expected to be launched shortly. The company has stated that the SUV is currently undergoing the final stages of testing and certification, and it will be made available to customers as soon as possible.

What Does the Upgrade Mean for Customers?

For customers who are planning to purchase the MG Astor, the BS6 Phase 2 upgrade means that they will be driving a vehicle that is not only compliant with the latest emission norms but also equipped with some new features that enhance the overall driving experience. Additionally, the resale value of the vehicle is expected to be higher as the upgraded version will hold its value better than the previous model.


The BS6 Phase 2 upgrades for the MG Astor are a step towards a greener and cleaner future for India. It is encouraging to see that leading car manufacturers like MG Motor India are taking proactive steps to comply with the government's emission norms and contribute to a sustainable future. The upgraded Astor is expected to be a hit among customers who are looking for a compact SUV that offers both style and substance. Stay tuned for further updates on the launch date and pricing of the upgraded MG Astor.