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MG Comet Review: The Revolutionary Electric Hatchback

 MG Comet Review: The Revolutionary Electric Hatchback

MG is known for its sleek designs and impressive performance; the Comet is no exception. This compact electric hatchback not only looks great, but it’s also comfortable and eco-friendly. With its unique design and impressive features, the MG Comet is set to revolutionize the electric vehicle market.

The Comet’s exterior design is eye-catching and non-conventional. It features a mini shelf-like bonnet that breaks up the monotony of the mono-volume design. The strip of piano-black chrome and LED running around the front and rear lend an air of sophistication, and the low-placed headlights with chrome bracketing give it an upmarket look. 

The flush-mounted front windscreen, front quarter glass, side window, and fixed “dropped” rear window provide a “pillarless look” that is impressive and rad. It’s a small car, measuring just 2.9 meters long and 1.5 meters wide, and it rides on tiny 12-inch wheels and narrow 145mm tires. Despite the 17.3kWh battery, the curb weight is just 815kg, making it light and elegant. The motor sends only 40.7hp to the rear wheels, and it gets disc brakes on all four wheels. A full charge takes 8-9 hours, and the claimed range with a fully topped-up battery is between 200 and 250km, making it perfect for city driving. However, there’s no DC charging facility, which is a bit of a miss.

The interior of the Comet is equally impressive. There are no cheap plastic bits, and the cabin doesn’t feel like it’s been specified by a cost accountant. It’s bright, open, and full of high-quality bits that wouldn’t look out of place even on MG’s Hector. 

The twin 10.25-inch screens are placed in the same plane, just like Mercedes-Benz, and the rotary gear selector has a knurled chrome finish that’s both beautiful and functional. The touchscreen functionality is first-rate and easy to navigate, even allowing you to move widgets around and customize your home screen. However, the screens are placed low, and the steering wheel blocks the instrument panel in places, which can be a problem. Other niggles include the fact that there’s no glovebox, two large passengers sitting side by side will rub shoulders in corners, there’s no spare tire, and you can only use the boot if you flip one of the rear seats forward; they split 50:50.

Despite these small drawbacks, the space up front is pretty good, and the cabin is comfortable. The lack of width is not an issue, thanks to the car’s electric powertrain, which doesn’t take up much space. The Comet is also surprisingly roomy, thanks to the absence of a transmission tunnel. The steering wheel has quality buttons, and the gear selector knob is beautifully built, but it can be hard to see in direct sunlight.

The Comet is a lifestyle EV rather than a low-cost electric hatch. It’s perfect for urban living and short commutes, but it’s not designed for long road trips. With its unique design and impressive features, the MG Comet is set to revolutionize the electric vehicle market. It’s compact and eco-friendly, effectively reducing your carbon footprint. The lack of a DC charging facility is a bit of a letdown, but it’s a small price to pay for the convenience of a small, elegant, and stylish electric hatchback. If you’re in the market for an electric vehicle that’s both affordable and stylish, the MG Comet is worth considering.