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Mercedes-Benz G-Class Facelift Debuts – Gets Few First-Ever Features


The iconic G-Class is not only spawning a fully electric version in the form of EQG, but Mercedes-Benz has also given it a mid-life facelift. The design tweaks are mild and still stick to iconic G Wagon silhouette. Powertrain options have been modernised with this update as well, now featuring mild hybrid assistance.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class Facelift Debuts 

The 2nd generation model of W463 G-Class was first unveiled in 2018. When compared to 1st gen W463 G-Class, the new model was larger, sturdier, safer and featured many first-ever features and elements ever graced on a G Wagon before. The same trend is seen with the W463 G-Class Facelift.

Mercedes-Benz is developing a fully electric version of G-Class, likely called EQG. Ahead of EQG launch, the company is poised to launch a better specced and kitted G-Class in the form of a mid-life facelift. This update brings with it, a mild redesign of its fascia and profile along with an updated lineup of powertrains. Starting with design changes, we can see an all-new grill along with a re-designed front bumper. These bring more sophistication to G-Class’ iconic fascia. Other note-worthy design changes include addition of a very subtle lip at its windscreen along with rounded-off door shut lines at the A-Pillars.

Both of them aim to strike better aerodynamic efficiency, reducing G-Class’ drag coefficient from 0.53 Cd to 0.48 Cd, along with reduced NVH levels. Car’s washer-jet equipped front-facing camera is re-positioned further down, unlocking ‘transparent bonnet’ feature, which is handy when off-roading.