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Impressed with how Kia's service centre handled an issue on my Seltos

I have now completed 7500 km with my car and by the end of this month, I am expecting to add another ~2000 km to my odo. I have enjoyed the ownership so far, car has been a joy to drive within city limits as much as it is on the highways. I am satisfied on most accounts (yes, even suspension) except for that one back-of-the-mind feeling that in case of an unfortunate crash, the body structure could have been stronger. There are a lot of things that could have been better with the car, but as an overall package - it still holds a good rank in this price range. No regrets so far. The reason for this update is something else though. About 3 weeks ago while I was driving on my usual commute, the engine check light lit up along with a warning on the ICE screen to contact the service centre. I called customer care, and the representative confirmed it is okay to drive the car to my home (~7 km) as long as the check light is not red and the car is not behaving abnormally. They also connected me to the nearest service centre (Allied Kia, Gurgaon) and the service manager promptly connected me to the front desk so I could book an appointment. Fast forward to the weekend, I took the car to service; I couldn't capture the error code on the picture but it was something around 'Higher rpm than normal'. The service advisor recommended throttle body cleaning which is what they did and then cleared the error code history after a test drive. I could not sense anything wrong with the car's behaviour throughout this time. My earlier car (Ford) had an engine wiring issue which cropped up in the 2nd month of ownership, the car was taken to a service centre and it took them ~4 days to deliver it back to me. This kind of thing doesn't bother me much to be honest as I understand all mechanical things could fail at any point, but the service I receive when the sun ain't shining is how I benchmark companies. I will have to say my understanding of why the AAM junta puts so much weight on good service when buying a car has got better after this instance. Ford is good, Kia is even better! All reps acted like they were invested in their company, and conscious that they represented Kia and not their service centre. They explained to me why such things could occur, explained what they did and how can I reach out to them easily if something crops up again. Special mention to the service manager - Surinder Kumar - he walked to me every ~10 mins while my car was in the service bay and ensured I understood that it was not a big issue and what would they do if re-occurs. I rate them 10/10 on service. FYI, I am not affiliated with them in any way. Pictures of the engine check warning are attached below for reference. I am curious to know if anyone else who has used 1.5T for >5k kms has faced such an issue, couldn't find anything on the forum/internet so seems to be a one-off sensor issue.