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New Swift scores four stars on JNCAP test

The Maruti Suzuki Swift is coming in a new generation in May almost six months after its Japanese debut and while we are expecting it to be one of the biggest launches of the year, it has already made waves in its home market thanks to a four-star rating in the latest round of Japan New Car Assessment Programme. Preventive safety tests The JNCAP test programme in addition to collision performance also evaluates ADAS performance for which this new Swift has scored 5/5 in 6 out of the 7 tests and in fact, even on that one test, pedal misapplication, it scored 4/5. This new Swift, for the Japanese market, gets level-2 ADAS as a part of the deal across the range. Collision safety performance In the collision tests, it scored 5/5 in the full-wrap frontal collision test (passenger's seat), side collision test (driver's seat), neck injury protection rear-end collision performance test (passenger and driver's seat) and pedestrian leg protection performance test. 4/5 and 3/5 It also scored 4/5 in the full-wrap frontal collision test (driver's seat), offset frontal collision test (driver's seat), pedestrian head protection performance test and passenger seat belt reminder (PSBR) test. The lowest score was for the offset frontal collision test (rear passenger's seat) where it got 3/5. In total, it earned four stars and a score of 177.80/197 points. If the Japanese tests are anything to go by, then the Indian-spec car shouldn’t be too far off and will still get a good score as and when it undergoes the BNCAP crash tests.