Big Story

Replaced my Skoda Yeti's headliner for 25% of the ASC cost: Here's how

The headliner in my SnowMan had lost the entire inner sponge lining and so it has got detached over the age.Obviously the fabric material was due for the replacement as soon as it started sagging some 4-5 months ago. We know, it's quite a common issue with VAG cars. First I enquired with the ASC here but was confused to learn that instead of just going for the replacement of the fabric material, they would replace the entire moulded Roof Liner trim also. I then approached a local seat covers vendor who agreed on the desired replacement job. He had two types of fabric materials on offer, a double layered one which apparently resembles the OE material and the other one is triple layered, looks much better in quality.Finally, I opted for the triple layered sample over the usual double layered one that has a sponge lining +fabric only and I guess it would probably lack durability along with proper fit and finish also after installation.The moulded Roof Liner trim has been removed now and has been left at the shop for thorough cleaning prior to the final installation of the new fabric.Once the moulded Roof Liner trim is removed, the Curtain Airbag modules could be noticed on both sides.I opted for the aftermarket route for this work basically because at ASC, they usually ask to replace the entire moulded trim along with the fabric material, which would obviously cost more and also it would require more time for the part availability. And you know, the actual time period required for any such off-beat work is always indefinite at ASCs. So finally I got the replacement work with the new fabric material on the old Roof Liner trim done today at a local shop here in Sangli. First the old fabric and the underlying residual sponge debris were removed and the surface was prepared thoroughly using polish paper. Then the Roof Liner trim was prepared for installation after replacement of the new fabric was carried out by applying glue to both the surfaces in contact. Once I reached the shop today, it was the matter of about 2 hrs for the final installation work inside the car and I tell you, the cabin is looking quite spacious since then.The best part of this deal is, it did cost me almost 1/4 of the expected price at ASC, that too without any apparent difference in the quality, fit and finish. In fact, the final damage on my wallet was much less than what I was quoted at various other vendors. At ┼ákoda ASC, the job would have cost me in the tune of ₹25k or even more. But here the vendor asked me just ₹7k and I happily paid the amount without any bargaining. Read BHPian comments for more insights and information.