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Kia Carens Scores 3 Star Adult Safety, 5 Star Child Safety – Global NCAP Apr 2024 Crash Test

Kia Carens has long been recognized for its practicality and popularity among families. Bolstering its reputation as a reliable choice, the recent crash test conducted by Global NCAP sheds light on its safety performance. Let’s delve into the details of the assessment. In the evaluation of adult safety protection, the Kia Carens achieved a commendable score of 22.07 out of 34.00, earning a 3-star safety rating. Frontal Impact: The protection extended to both the driver’s and passenger’s heads was notably good. However, weaknesses were observed in the protection of the driver’s neck, while the passenger’s neck received favorable ratings. Adequate protection was observed for the driver’s chest, while the passenger’s chest enjoyed good protection. There were concerns regarding marginal knee protection, particularly as they could come into contact with hazardous structures. Tibial protection for both occupants ranged from good to adequate. While the footwell area displayed minimal deformation, asymmetry between the driver’s and passenger’s sides was noted. Regrettably, the bodyshell was deemed unstable and unable to endure further loadings. Side Impact: Encouragingly, the Kia Carens demonstrated good protection for the head, chest, abdomen, and pelvis during side impacts. Side Pole Impact: This particular test was not conducted during the assessment. The inclusion of Electronic Stability Control (ESC) as a standard feature, meeting Global NCAP requirements, is a positive attribute. However, Seat Belt Reminder (SBR) systems, while present for the first and second rows, only meet requirements for the front row, contributing to the overall 3-star rating in adult occupant protection. In terms of child safety protection, the Kia Carens fared admirably, achieving a score of 41.11 out of 49.00, resulting in a 5-star safety rating. Frontal Impact: Impressively, during frontal impacts, the child seats for both the 3-year-old and the 18-month-old were rearward-facing, utilizing i-size anchorages and support legs, providing full protection and preventing head exposure. Side Impact: Both Child Restraint Systems (CRS) offered comprehensive side impact protection. The Kia Carens ensures the availability of 3-point belts in all seating positions as standard across all variants. However, there were limitations concerning the disconnection of the passenger airbag when installing a rearward-facing CRS in this position. Nonetheless, appropriate warnings regarding the risks associated with rearward-facing CRS installation in the front passenger position fulfill regulatory requirements. Moreover, the provision of two i-size positions in the second row, albeit with an exemption for the second row left position as per the manual, enhances the car’s child safety profile. While the Kia Carens exhibits strengths in certain areas of safety, there remain areas for improvement to bolster adult occupant protection and address minor concerns in child safety provisions. As automotive safety standards evolve, manufacturers must continually strive to enhance the safety features of their vehicles to ensure the well-being of occupants remains paramount.