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Moving from one car segment to another changes driving behaviour?

Moving from a spacious and imposing SUV to a smaller hatchback entails more than just downsizing; it necessitates adapting to a whole new driving experience. Two particular aspects have stood out, reshaping my approach behind the wheel. Visibility Firstly, the difference in visibility between the two vehicles has been striking. Despite sporadic experiences with cars from various segments over the years, the continuous adaptation to a different segment has proved challenging. The most notable adjustment has been in terms of visibility—or rather, the lack thereof. Suddenly, potholes and unmarked speed bumps seem to materialize out of nowhere, catching me off guard. Unlike the elevated vantage point of the Scorpio, I now find myself scanning the road meticulously, straining to spot obstacles well in advance. Road Presence Secondly, the shift in road presence has been palpable. In the Scorpio, my presence on the road commanded a certain respect, with fellow road users often yielding my right of way. However, in the i20, this sense of deference is notably absent. It feels as though I've become virtually invisible, with other drivers showing little regard for my presence on the road. Consequently, I've had to recalibrate my approach to driving, prioritizing caution and yielding to others for the sake of safety. It's a stark contrast to the privilege of respect afforded by the Scorpio, and adjusting to this newfound dynamic has proven to be a challenging process. While the adjustment has presented its challenges, I'm gradually acclimating to the nuances of driving a hatchback, embracing the change with a newfound sense of adaptability and resilience. Have any of you experienced a shift in your driving habits when transitioning between vehicle segments? I'd love to hear your thoughts and insights on this topic.