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Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Continental GT 650 Get Exciting Performance Upgrades


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  • Priced from $23.95 (around Rs 1,650) to $641.95 (around Rs 44,400).
  • You’ll have to import these parts as they are not on sale in India yet.
  • All the parts are designed specifically for the 650 twins.
RE 650 Twins performance upgrades

Royal Enfield bikes and customisation go hand in hand. And it was only a matter of time before someone came up with performance upgrades for Royal Enfield’s 650 twins. Wisconsin-based S&S Cycles has launched a whole range of proper performance upgrades for both the Interceptor 650 and the Continental GT 650 in the international market. The brand had already partnered with RE earlier for company-approved S&S aftermarket exhausts for the 650 twins. Here is a selection of parts that’s sure to get any enthusiast weak in the knees!

Parts Price in USD Approximate price in Rs
Dynojet Power Commander V with calibration for the 650 twins 399.95 dollars Rs 27,700
High-flow air filter 59.95 dollars Rs 4,100
High-compression 11:1 piston kit 492.95 dollars Rs 34,100
Stainless steel mufflers (only for international-spec bikes) 641.96 dollars Rs 44,400
865cc big bore kit 634.95 dollars Rs 43,990
750cc big bore kit 630.95 dollars Rs 43,700
Race only stainless steel mufflers 474.95 dollars Rs 32,900
Performance clutch kit 399.95 dollars Rs 27,700
High-performance camshaft kit with shims 186.95 dollars Rs 12,900
Royal Enfield did confirm that the 650 twins are built in the same spec for both Indian and international markets. So technically, owners in the country shouldn’t have any problems installing these parts (except for the stainless steel mufflers). However, they are available only in the markets abroad and customers will have to get them imported, which will be really expensive.

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That said, smaller items like the Power Commander ECU kit, high-flow air filter and the likes should be easier for your friends or family to bring into the country. But bigger parts like the big-bore kits, exhausts and the likes might have to go through customs and that won’t come cheap.

RE Conti 650 wheelie

Interestingly, the price difference between the 750cc and 865cc big bore kit is only USD 4 (around Rs 270)! These two kits should considerably increase the power and torque output of the two bikes. In stock guise, the 648cc parallel-twin air-cooled engine with oil cooler produces 47.6PS at 7250rpm and 52Nm at 5250rpm. The best part is that all these performance upgrades are designed specifically for the 650 twins. However, it’s a given that if one installs these parts when the bike is in warranty, it will be voided.

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